Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Taweh D. Beysolow, II - Libertarians and Conservatives Clash in GOP Identity Crisis

Fed policy has only encouraged people to incur more debt by taking out more loans, caused a massive inflation of the money supply, and the bad debt that otherwise would have been liquidated has instead been largely bought by the federal reserve. This bad policy feeds back into other parts of the economy.

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A Minority Viewpoint with Libertarian Jabriel Ballentine

Jabriel Ballentine abandons the DC Republican Party to pursue libertarian solutions to the problems in the beltway. Libertarian Party member Melissa Dawson interviews Mr. Ballentine about racial politics in the age of Obama, and what freedom means.

Foreign Aid: A noble act of non-creative destruction

While the idea of providing monetary and financial incentives to facilitate the economic growth of undeveloped regions seems noble, there are distinct fallacies and unplanned destructive effects from that proposal.

 Many Africans regard governmental aid as a means of promoting cultural erosion through enforced programs, as well as an underhanded means of unscrupulous conditional exchange for the sovereign natural resource wealth of recipient countries.

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