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  1. Strolling along the hallway of UWMilwaukee student organs.,I was struck by the typical "All Africa is One", posters! Meanwhile,now that Southsudan is politically independent of SudanArabEmpie state-ism,while Dafur is off the headlines,what is next?This presents a one in a lifetime chance to get at the root of the western Socialist,"Progressive"Arabist axis apartheid over NorthAfrica & MediterraneanAsia!It is part of the larger State-ism of all African Socialist"Progressive" intelligence elites! This reflects the greater State-ism of Socialist"Progressives" in the whole western intellectual teaching cartels at tax expense!We must bring out the socially organic trade culture of ethno linguistic market process!

  2. Our western world social frames of reference regarding African Asian Mediterranean & Red Sea spheres of influence need to incorporate old school liberal social studies approach! The "Socialist" & "Progressive" schools of teachings start in the state frame of reference, rather than the LaissezFaire liberal market social process! This state-ism approach is social suicide! When we marginalize LaissezFaire liberal social processes, we marginalize individual social progress,in the public market social process! ArabEmpire Socialist state-ism over African social life choice is the elephant in the African market place!