Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kenneth Durden: Did George Zimmerman Get Away With Manslaughter? Part 1

Kenneth Durden a Black libertarian-conservative blogger, writer takes issue with the Trayvon Martin verdict: 

I believe George Zimmerman got away with manslaughter(note the term other than murder). 

I wanted to address the case without rehashing all of the details of the case, but I find it necessary to at least touch on some basic points. I have so much to say about this so it will be broken into parts. This first addresses the basics of the case. I am not saying that the prosecution presented the case well. I believe the case was overcharged and poorly presented. That is a different discussion. I do have a concern with those who say the case should never have been filed or those who suggest that Trayvon Martin "got what he deserved."

Read more: http://www.kennethdurden.com/2013/07/did-george-zimmerman-get-away-with.html

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