Saturday, July 25, 2015

Alex Ndungu Njeru ― For Africa, Lessons From Hong Kong And The Umbrella Revolution


The African libertarian writer on lessons learned from Hong Kong's economic success: "They have it all; economic freedom, one of the highest Gross Domestic Product per capita in the world (53,203 US$D), the infrastructure is perfect and systems work like clockwork. So why are the Hong Kong citizens agitating for electoral reform and political freedom? In relative terms most citizens of repressed countries in the world would give up everything to be where Hong Kong residents are at, take citizens of North Korea or Venezuela for example and the development and freedoms that residents of Hong Kong enjoy. The Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong is teaching us pertinent lessons about human nature. The struggle gives life to popular phrase that ‘the cost of freedom is eternal vigilance.’ The nature of man is that he wants it all, give a man the earth and he will want the universe, give him the universe and he will seek the multi-verse and the unknown."
He continues his commentary: "That it is what it is in Hong Kong, the residents have reaped dividend from economic freedom, now they want to reap dividend from political freedom. Are they sure that political freedom will deliver dividends sweet or bitter? No they are not; they want the freedom to explore the unknown. Creation theory has it that Adam and Eve were banished from the garden of Eden because of the quest to gain the knowledge that ensues from freedom. The Hong Kong Umbrella revolution is emblematic of the human development process and the natural state of man, ‘man naturally seeks freedom.’"
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