Sunday, March 31, 2013

"Where Have All the Black Libertarians Gone?"

I like Bill Maher. He takes sides. One of his best recent lines was, "the last time the Republicans had that many black folks on stage they were selling them!" (That was in response to the reportedly large number of black folks carrying the Republican banner at the 2004 RNC.) The historical irony is that the folks who did the bulk of the selling of black folk would have been predecessors of today’s Democrat party. (So, Maher is evidently no history buff.) I still like him though. Calling on some of that history, Deroy Murdock and Steven Warshawsky suggest supporting the Republican Party.

For me they are just picking a different bus upon which to ride to the same destination. (One can only hope they both get to sit up front!) Why do black folk overwhelmingly support the Democrats, particularly in light of history? And why not give the ‘other party’ a chance? Because neither party gives a rat’s anal opening about black people! And even if they did it would not matter, for reasons I examine below.

How about more black libertarians? Black libertarians are as common as lips on a chicken – hence the tongue-in-cheek title of this little rant. Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams come to mind as examples of black libertarians. I am pretty sure that the chairman of the NY Libertarian Party is black. But to be clear, I do not think embracing another vehicle of state power – another political party – is really the answer. After a rather long time with my head in the sand – or stuck in other places equally dark – I have come to an even more controversial conclusion. For black folk there is only one viable option – abolish the state.

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