Monday, December 2, 2013

Adedayo Thomas: Breaking the Wall of Communism in Africa through Book Fairs

Almost everyone in Africa understands the principles of a free society if briefed. However, it is not practiced by the ruling elites because if implemented they become powerless. This has largely contributed to low level of development within the continent since its independence. The independent fighters made their first mistakes when the socio-political and economic structure was distorted with the adoption of a welfare state, which was put in place as the alternative to colonial practice. This destroyed the entrepreneurial spirit that characterized the pre-colonial period in the exchange for reliance on the government as the solution to economic problems.
 This ultimately bred big governments and was used by the elites as one of the ploys to remain in power. The outcome of course was noticeable as the society and the public structures left by colonialists became dysfunctional and characterized by the huge budget for recurrent expenditure at the expense of capital projects.
 The first target was education.  Governments believed in a “government can do all things” perspective. Education from primary school to the university level was made free. This provision was made the exclusive function of government. The younger ones were drifted to Russia for further studies. When they returned, they became the official mouthpiece of socialist ideas and went on to insert that into schools’ curriculum. This became the teaching fabrics in the universities with libraries stocked completely with communist materials which now explains why socialist scholars are not in short supply in African societies, including universities.
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